About Us

In 2008 a seminarian by the name of Richard Constantinescu had an encounter with God that convinced him that he needed to avail himself more of the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev. 12:17/19:10). After seminary, he began reading the Testimonies, and was delighted and shocked at the undiscovered treasure in those books. To make it easy for others to read the Testimonies, Rich and his wife, Cathy, created a reading plan with a shareable, individual post for each day’s reading with accompanying audio. Revival Plan aims to produce a website in every language and systematically introduce the volumes of the Testimonies, and the Conflict of the Ages into every family, that all may be directed to the Bible and to United Prayer. Please pray for this project and consider lending your talents and resources to bring the Elijah message, the straight testimony, to every home in the remnant church. Here is what readers are saying.

The Testimonies reading plan is transformational. These Testimonies conveniently delivered to my inbox make it easy for me to remember to read, reflect, and internalize the sweet assurances, strong warnings, and clear directives. They bring me to my knees, to my Lord, and are transforming my life. I encourage the personal reading of the Testimonies wherever I go, whenever I have opportunity. Thank you for making this incredible reading plan so available and so easy.

-Vicki Griffin

I have been a baptized SDA member over 65 years and have never read the Testimonies other than select references now and then. So when I saw on Richard’s FB page about a 16 month reading plan, I along with my wife decided to start even though quite with a late start in relation to the main startup. What a blessing it has been. Had not realized the trials etc that the Whites went through in the early years. It seems like so many pages are speaking directly to me. We then ask another couple to join us so we each read 10 pages daily and then on the 7 day we read together and share our thoughts over the last week. Just this last Monday another gentleman joined us. I will be giving a Sabbath School talk on Dec 22 encouraging our church to begin this reading plan. Pray for us as we pray for God’s people everywhere.

-Carl Sullivan

I have found that the more I read of the Testimonies, the more I find myself reading scripture. I’ve been in the Bible more this year consistently than in previous years. Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy go hand in hand. Thank you for you leading out in this endeavor.

-Lloyd Daniel

The readings have also enriched my faith in how God loves us and cares about our lives and what precious truth we have through the Testimonies. Glad to be a part of the readings.

-Fran McMullen

Reading the Bible and Testimonies, is the highlight of my day. I am immensely blessed by all I learn!

-Mica Moraru-Oana

Praise God! This is a magnificent plan and a huge blessing to me — one I hope every Adventist takes advantage of! I’m learning so much!

-Teri Salvador

I’m not even done with the first volume. But I decided to read them, and lose my prejudice against them, after one of your sermons. I related to a lot of EGW’s first years and had a lot of questions answered!!

-Jissy Mendez

See, read along, hear; this FANTASTIC for my learning style! Thank you for adding this component! Such a blessing!

-Dawnanita James

I pray for revival and reformation in my own life and in my family, and friends, and church family. These Testimonies have taught and instructed me on things I did not know and new perspectives on things I did. I have been an SDA for 6 yrs. The Testimonies have been a blessing in my life. We must keep our eyes on Jesus always, stay in the Word, and come together in this end time as His church, His people and finish His work so we can go home!

-Meredith Pool

This is a great idea. I have not been well introduced to the Testimonies. Thank you for your service.

-Cindy Thomas

Thank you so much. This is so needed.

-Deborah Fairchild

It has pointed out faults in my life that I had not recognized and opened up a closer communion with God. I am very grateful you have taken the time and effort to begin this project. I thank God that I can access this information easily and have been able to share this plan with several that have been very interested in studying.

-Mary Knepp

Such a blessing and exciting to think so many in different places are reading the same thing.

-Cynthia West

It has helped me to identify my weak points so that I can overcome by God’s grace! God is so merciful!

-Esther Baierl